From left to right: Bruce Butler, Elaine Olson, Katie Romanchuk
Aloha from Maui! We play music from the Celtic lands and around the world, featuring the sounds of harps, pennywhistle, guitar, concertina, vocals, and more!

To contact us: tropharps at gmail dot com

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Bruce Butler on pennywhistle, vocals, and fiddle.

Elaine Olson on harp, concertina, banjo, and miscellaneous instruments.

Katie Romanchuk on harp, guitar, and mandolin.

Our CD

Our 2006 CD, Upcountry Celtic. is available for purchase here.

Individual songs are available for 99 cents on Apple iTunes

or, you can buy a CD online:

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TROPICAL HARPS: Upcountry Celtic $12.00
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